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You pick the location, we ship your excess baggage.

Baggage Moving Company

Welcome to International Luggage Delivery Service UK.


We ship extra, or excess baggage and luggage overseas from the United Kingdom. As an excess-luggage shipping services based in London we offer Accompanied Baggage Shipping and Excess Baggage Shipping from London, Manchester, 

Birmingham, Glasgow to the world.

We can ship your excess baggage via Air freight and cargo international luggage shipping , Baggage, excess bags, extra suitcases and boxes of personal effects and belongings from your door in the UK to your international destination overseas. Shipping Excess Luggage and Excess Baggage ahead.

Person Rolling Suitcase in Airport

Luggage Shipping ​Service UK

London Abstract

Welcome to Luggage shipping UK Services, we are a London based excess luggage shipping company located near central London, a stone throw from London Heathrow airport.


Who are we and what we do is simple; we have been shipping luggage from UK; London for over 14 years around the world.  We are a global luggage delivery service, a division of Excess Luggage Company, shipping excess baggage overseas.


Luggage shipping company in London

Luggage Shipping



Searching for luggage shipping companies in London; UK, we ship luggage from the UK, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to International destinations.


Our Overseas international Luggage Shipping services are designed to assist you with your luggage shipping move. We can ship, send your extra luggage, baggage, suitcases, boxes of personal clothing, effects to your desired global destination overseas from London.


Ship Luggage International overseas.

Ship Excess


Brown Luggage

Luggage transport Service, Our Excess luggage, extra baggage transportation service ensures that your baggage, and  extra luggage is delivered to you on time when you require it. 

Our Door to Door baggage delivery service can help you send that extra bag, suitcase to your door.


We can transport luggage by air, road and sea.


Global Luggage transfer delivery service London.

Luggage Transport Service

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